“Got covid literally 3 days before I could walk so my graduation felt like it never happened. Never the less, I completed a BS in Forensic Science with a minor in chemistry. Many didn’t think I could do this because I was too “dainty” and “too girly” to be a scientist. Screw them. I got up close and personal with maggots on a decomposing pig because I didn’t want to do the paperwork of the project and got the opportunity to work on fun experiments during my time, even one that connected my 5th grade science project.
I fought through everyone doubting I could do this in four years, that I could do this major, used the hate people gave me as motivation, and pushed my self to the limit so that I can earn my ticket to freedom. I gave up having the fun everyone talked about in college so that I can complete my degree to the best of my abilities. I did everything I can so that I can finally start the life that I want to live. I’m finally FREE.

To the youngsters who follow me. Take control of your life now because living for someone else’s dream is not worth it. I’ve been doing it for 21 years and I finally now have control of my life. So if you know that college life isn’t for you there’s other ways and other opportunities for you to be where you want in life. I didn’t know that and that’s what made my college life a mess. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed college and getting this degree but I was not in the best mental state all four years. Go at your own pace and go when you’re ready. The saying “you’ll find yourself in college” is BS. Many can back me up when we said that after graduation that we don’t know what to do with our life is true. Some have a plan but many of us don’t know what to do with our life. I have no clue what to do now but all I know is that my life is mine. Your life is yours and you deserve to live it for you and not for someone else. That was the biggest lesson and the only lesson that stuck with me.”

Shine bright everyone.


“Of course Kara would come back smiling after punching something”. -An old teammate back in 2016
Here’s to the girls who were told to not do a sport because it would “mess up that pretty face of yours”. Here’s to the boys who were told no because the activity is “too girly”. To the people who say muscles are “unattractive on women”, who say men should hide their emotions because it shows weakness. Here’s to the people who defy the gender norms, who break the barriers, who stay true to themselves no matter where they find themselves.

My road to my strength was difficult because I had to shush the voices saying “muscles on women are unattractive”, that “you can’t be girly at the gym because no one will take me seriously”. Be the person who looks like a walking cotton candy who isn’t afraid to get dirty in blood. Be the smallest person physically who stands the tallest with confidence. Show them the strength that you worked so hard on. Be bold and be proud to be you.”

Shine bright everyone.


‘“Everyone has their own standards of beauty. Many would tell me that I should just look in the mirror and tell myself that I am beautiful. But every time I do that all I wanted to do was throw knives and stones because they all felt like lies. Beauty isn’t something that you can fake it til you make it. True beauty is the mindset of the person. Sure it’s great when someone tells you but it’s a lot more believable and authentic when you find it in yourself first.

Right now I’m going through a “I hate my body phase”. I need to gain muscle mass and I got very insecure when people started pointing out my back muscles, and my shoulders. I was told growing up that muscles on women are unattractive. That having a strong body with no muscles showing was ideal. Nevertheless I had to tell my inner child to shut up because everything will be okay. That we’ll look beautiful regardless and if someone says it looks ugly then they’re free to not be in my life because I will no longer tolerate my family, friends, and/or peers nitpicking at my body when that’s all they’ve been doing the first 21 years of my life.

Beauty standards are changing. Your body is yours, and what you find beautiful is yours. Don’t let someone else influence it. Let people have their opinions. The only thing you should worry about is whether you’re going to let it effect you or accept that it’s there and move on.”

Shine bright everyone.

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