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A lifestyle photography membership for the woman on a mission.

Now ALSO INCLUDING video content services!

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Have you considered adding a professional photographer to your team?

Having a professional photographer on your team means an expert who can show you how to pose, suggest on-brand photoshoot locations, and give you fresh photos every month.

If you’re taking selfies to promote your business, let me tell you, Sis, there’s a better way to do it!

Your audience wants more than staged headshots. They want to see you — your lifestyle, family, behind the scenes! Does your Instagram feed represent who you are and the brand you’re building? Instagram is not just a social media platform. It’s a powerful tool to connect with your community I’m here to confidently say that the Empower Your Brand Membership is a no-brainer to take you brand to the next level on this platform.

Join our membership, and you’ll be adding a professional photographer to your team and expanding your network with like-minded brand builders.

Imagine having a library of gorgeous, professional photos like these that capture what’s unique about you and your brand

This membership is for you if you are…

  1. Wanting a professional photographer on your marketing team
  2. Ready to make deeper connections with your audience
  3. Looking to capture photos you love and are proud to share
  4. Finding new ways to make content creation fun and easy.
  5. Activating your brand through on-brand photos that capture the real YOU

This is NOT for you if…

  1. You don’t want to be the face of your brand or business
  2. You aren’t ready to step into your brand identity
  3. You’re already attracting your ideal clients through social media
  4. You love taking your own photos, and outsourcing a photographer takes the joy away

Umm… Esther?

You’re assuming I WANT to take my brand to the next level

Before we go any further, let’s look at what leveling up your brand will do for your business.


Unlock clarity so others will understand why they need to work with you.

You’ll reinvent the way you see yourself — confident, strong, and beautiful. Together we’ll bridge a connection between you and people who see your value through storytelling. You’ll feel good knowing that they’re booking you for all the right reasons.


Define your niche and implement consistency and routines that’ll build your offerings.

You’ll set yourself apart from your competition while making content creation fun, expressive, and creative. Together we’ll increase your engagement on social media through compelling content that connects. It’s time to level up your business and confidence.


Leverage your experience to support the community you’re building.

You’ll pour trust into the foundation of your relationship with your customers. Discovering the confidence you need to open up comes easy in our community. So, let’s take the time and position you as the authority figure, so you can empower those around you.

Quick recap: better clients, more money, amazing opportunities – plus if you want, the chance to have an even greater impact on the world.

If you resonate with a resounding “yes, I want this!” then please keep reading to see how others have elevated their brand since working with me.


“ Before EYB, it was difficult to create content I felt good about in an efficient way. I didn’t know how to pose and had no idea what this image was capturing.
The change that l’ve seen is in my confidence. When I see my photos, I think, “Yes! This is who I am. This is what I do.”

– Amanda, The Illuminary Co

“I love my new branding photos!! They are edgy and modern and I feel like they show my personality more than my previous headshots did.
Esther is AMAZING at what she does, easy to work with, professional, friendly and worth every penny.”

– Racyne, Hair & Makeup Artist

“Esther was very professional from the initial consultation, to asking relevant questions to ensure she’s capturing the best shots for my branding, to paying close attention to every detail to get the best photos of me. She has such a positive energy and made me feel so comfortable.”

– Lori, Realtor

“I was looking for a way to stand in my true identity and showcase who I was to the world. 1:1’s and small groups are easy for me to display my authenticity. But when it comes to social media I wanted to find a way to look the way I feel – – confident, proud, and happy. And that’s what EYB has done for me.”

– Aurora, Life Coach

“I didn’t have any professional photos of myself. And I wanted to market myself and my brand more frequently with different shoots. Since joining EYB, my photos show more of my lifestyle, which feels more approachable, personable, and a real human being!”

– Camille, Realtor

“Esther gives you permission to give
YOURSELF permission to explore the shoot from the way you see yourself, the way you want to be seen, and the way you feel things should be. She expertly guides you to best reflect the goddess you want to show up as.”

– Imani, Educator

“Since joining Empower Your
Brand, I’ve increased the amount of traffic to my social media! I have more likes and engagement on the photos you take. And I like that I can batch content because of our monthly photoshoots.”

– Kendria, Bare Culture

EYB UNLEASHED Monthly Photoshoots

Each month you’ll receive a 30 minute lifestyle photoshoot at the location of your choice with 20-30 edited photos delivered to you within 2 weeks of your shoot.

PLUS: 2 done for you vertical videos ideal for TikTok or IG reels
Sign up now for only $495 per month

EYB Essentials Quarterly Photoshoots

Once per quarter you’ll receive a 30 minute lifestyle photoshoot at the location of your choice with 20-30 edited photos delivered to you within 2 weeks of your shoot.
PLUS: 2 done for you vertical videos ideal for TikTok or IG reels
Sign up now for only $185 per month

plus, included with both tiers of the membership


Interactive small group workshops to help you get confident both in your brand and in front of the camera.
Valued at $500


Monthly meetups and quarterly photoshoot parties to connect you with other women on a mission.
Valued at $1000

Stock Photos

On-brand stock photos to share your brand story

Valued at $500

By the way…

we met?

What makes Empower Your Brand unique?
A photo speaks a million words. And it also reminds you of the transformation you’re experiencing on this journey. Your photos will remind you of the person you are choosing to be. And unlike other services out there, we’re taking you through the full Captured Imagery experience to clarify who she is. Before taking your photo, we’ll work on stepping into the identity of your brand which means clarifying your authenticity, discovering resilience, and empowering your impact! It’s not JUST a photoshoot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before filling out the form, here are a few FAQ’s to check out to see if we’d be a good match for eachother!


Is this right for me?

If you want to show up in your brand with more radiance, clarity and credibility then yes! This is absolutely for you if you want to share YOU more consistently and confidently. I’ve helped women in many industries including influencers, coaches, multi-passionate entrepreneurs, realtors, and network marketers massively uplevel their brand image, presence and power.


How will this benefit my business?

First of all, as an entrepreneur, you are your greatest asset. This is where the workshops come in to support both your personal and professional growth. Secondly, beautiful brand photography featuring a confident and authentic YOU will contribute massively to getting you seen, heard and paid, repeatedly. Thirdly, as women on a mission we all need support. This is where the EYB community will come together to inspire and support each other through authentic relationships.


What kind of content will you be teaching in the monthly workshops?

I’m always curating the workshop content to best serve the needs of my members. With that said, here are a few topics we’ve covered in our recent workshops

  • The Productive Entrepreneur
  • DIY Makeup and Hair for your Photoshoot
  • How to Master Posing & Body Language in your photoshoots
  • Styling Your Outfits to Connect with Your Ideal Clients


What if I don’t need a photoshoot every month?

People see themselves in other people so, the more you can get comfortable with sharing authentic photos of yourself the more your ideal clients will be able to connect with you. Plus you can use these monthly photoshoots to feature products you sell or events you host. You can even include up to 5 models or family members in each shoot. That said, EYB Essentials offers quarterly photoshoots if that fits your needs better.


What if I don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera?

This is where you will LOVE having a professional photographer on your marketing team. As a badass business queen it’s not your job to look flawlessly photogenic at all times! I will coach you through preparing for your shoots and guide you through every step of the photoshoot with my signature posing system and lots of affirmation to make sure you look (and feel!) your absolute best in each photo. By the third photoshoot I promise you’re going to be owning your energy in front of the camera in a whole new way.


I’m not great with hair and makeup. Can you recommend a great makeup artist and/or hair stylist for my shoot?

Yes! I have a network of some of the best makeup artists and hairstylists on the island that I will happily recommend for you so you have all the support you need to look and feel amazing for your time in front of my camera.


Can I choose the location and theme of my photoshoot?

Every month I will have a featured location for you to choose from to make it super easy for you to prepare for your shoot – think nature, urban or lifestyle options. However, if there is a specific location you would like to shoot at, yes, I will absolutely photograph you there.


Am I locked into the membership for a certain amount of time?

EYB Essential – Yes, when you sign up for a quartly photoshoot there is a 3 month commitment to the membership.
EYB Unleashed – No, if for any reason the membership doesn’t feel like a good fit for you even after joining, you can cancel your monthly subscription at anytime. There is also a 14 day money back guarantee for annual subscriptions

Brand photography is the art of capturing what you do, where you do it, and who you do it for.