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About Boudoir Packages

Embrace your innate grace and confidence with our Boudoir Elegance sessions. These intimate and empowering photoshoots are designed to celebrate your personal journey and self-love. Guided by the gentle touch of our experienced team, we create an atmosphere where you can truly revel in your own beauty. Whether it’s a gift for a partner or an act of self-affirmation, our boudoir sessions allow you to capture your sensuality in an elegant and tasteful manner, leaving you with images that radiate your inner strength and allure.

Book your photoshoot for $350

Session information
Heirloom Folio Box

Session Information

Ready for the much-needed confidence boost you’ve been craving for so long? You’re in the right place! Our all female team is dedicated to creating an unforgettable and empowering boudoir experience for every woman that walks into the studio.

Together let’s brave through the veil of all your doubts and step into perfect love, acceptance and awe of the woman you are with a pampering photoshoot experience.

Portrait collections are purchased in addition to your booking fee and begin at $1500.

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Brainstorm how you want to be photographed with us in your 1-hour style and concept consultation. We will design your dream shoot and create a direction for your wardrobe.

Wardrobe Options

Wardrobe options

I will guide you on the 3-5 outfit changes to bring. If you don’t have wardrobe, I will coach you where to rent, buy or borrow. You also have access to my studio wardrobe.

Professional Styling

Professional Styling

When you feel good you look good. This pampering photoshoot experience includes professional hair and makeup. You will feel like a celebrity for the day!


Guided Photoshoot

Relax, it’s not your job to be photogenic! I will coach you through how to look your best in photos by fully guiding you through all the styling, poses and expressions.

Image Reveal

Image Reveal

Scheduled to take place within two weeks of Photoshoot. I will present to you your jaw-dropping portraits and together we’ll design prints that are perfect for you. What you purchase is totally up to you.

Wall Portrait

Fine Art Wall Portraits

Bring museum quality art into your home with our fine art wall portraits.  Choose from custom framing, stretched canvas or premium metal finishes to complement your space. Give your images a place of honor on your walls and create meaningful artwork that will be treasured for generations.

Wall portraits begin at $650 

Heirloom Portfolio Box

Our beautiful, handcrafted portfolio boxes add elegance and presentation to your image collection. Hand made in Ireland, these wooden boxes are as lovely as they are durable – this box is a treasure all by itself. Your 5×7 matted images can be nestled inside or brought out to be displayed throughout your home.

Collections begin at $1500 

Portfolio Box

Custom Designed Album

Immortalize your photos in a bespoke fine art album. Choose from the finest linen or velvet bookbinding fabrics or a variety of exceptional European leathers. Customize your presentation with elegant papers or overlay matting. Simply unwrapping this album is an experience to savor.

Albums begin at $2500


Before booking, below are the answers to a few FAQs 


Do I need to have modeling experience?

Absolutely not! Most of our clients are everyday women who may be getting in front of the camera for the first time. Our sessions are designed to make you feel comfortable and our expert team will guide you through poses that flatter your individual body type and personality and help you look your absolute best.


What do your packages include? How much should I expect to spend?

There is a session fee of $350 +tax (regular pricing) to book your photoshoot. That includes the photo shoot, professional hair and makeup, picture retouching, the in-person photo viewing & design appointment for you to order photo products a la carte. Photos from the shoot are purchased separately at your photo reveal appointment. You will choose the photo packages that are right for you and I will help you design a legacy portfolio box, beautiful wall art or a custom album. After all is said and done, clients tend to spend about $3000 (on average) for everything they want from their session. What you spend is up to you and you get to choose once you see your images! We do have an incredible selection of additional products that you may upgrade to or purchase separately at your photo reveal appointment.


What should I wear?

This is probably the most popular question…whatever you feel beautiful in. Your style will be your own but here are a few ideas: a bodysuit, an oversized sweater, cropped sweatshirt and high waist panties, a robe, boyfriend shirt. Some clients opt for lingerie and many clients choose to do a nude set during their session. In a 2 hour photo session, you will typically have time for up to 4 “looks” or outfits (yes, “nude” counts as an outfit). You can also just stay in one look for the whole time and we will still get amazing pictures.


How much can you “Edit Out”?

We will use posing and lighting to reduce any areas that you feel are “problems”. We choose the approach of what someone would look like on their best day and work towards that. That means reducing lines and wrinkles, under eye circles, fixing flyways etc. We prefer a light approach to retouching so that it still looks like you. We also don’t completely remove stretch marks unless you request that. If you have a specific preference, please mention it when you book.

Same Day Transformations

"Self love is the best outfit"

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