The Empowered Mama Collection

A Portrait Project Celebrating the Strength & Beauty of Motherhood
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Hey there, I´m Esther and I love photographing Motherhood

It is my passion to create gorgeous portraits.  There is nothing more rewarding than creating a meaningful photoshoot experience for a woman in my studio, show her the art we created together and see her eyes shine with emotion, appreciation and pride as she sees herself. In this 2023 Empowered Mama Collection I am curating a celebratory photoshoot experience specifically for moms.

This project is very close to my heart as this year I became a mom to my first babies, twins, a baby boy and baby girl.  The journey of carrying these sweet little souls has already been teaching me so much and opening my heart in ways I never imagined.  Becoming a mama is changing and growing my identity as a person and deepening my spiritual experience every day.  This collection is honoring and celebrating my own initiation into motherhood and I want to invite you along with me.

The daily grind of motherhood can be all consuming in certain seasons and it may even feel like you’ve lost yourself in caring ceaselessly for others. But the truth is, whether you are feeling the flutters of your first born or about to send your youngest out of the nest, Mama, you are birthing a new world. We are, all of us, creating the paradigm for tomorrow’s generation.

This calling of being nurturers is too important not to be celebrated and documented!  Join me in an exploration of motherhood in this project that will transform the way you feel in your own skin.

The Essence of this Experience…

I am photographing mothers who are bravely nurturing their families and simultaneously acknowledging their own courage to show up with fierce softness & strength.

Join me on this adventure of being a Mama and standing in your power. Embrace this opportunity to tell your story, celebrate your journey and take a moment be in awe of your divinity. The ripple of impact that your care creates every day is too important to not be documented. The project will culminate in a gallery-style exhibition and celebration.
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we are Shaping the future

Are you a mother leaving a legacy?

Than this is for you!

Mom and Child


The Empowered Mama experience includes:

A pre-session Zoom or in-person consultation

We will discuss all things regarding your photo session including wardrobe and all the details you need to know before the big day.

Professional Hair & Makeup

Make sure you make plans for a kid-free night out with your girlfriends or significant other on the day of your session because mama is getting pampered and you will look  absolutely GORGEOUS.

Full photo session with unlimited wardrobe changes

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to pose!  I will guide and pose you down to your expression, eyebrows and fingertips.

1 (one) complimentary 8×10 fine art matted print of your choice + the corresponding digital file

A couple weeks after your photo session, we will meet again for the BIG REVEAL of your portraits. During this reveal and ordering session you will see all your beautiful portraits, choose your complimentary print and have the opportunity to purchase more photos if you choose to.  What you purchase is entirely up to you. You can choose from top of the line heirloom quality products


How much does it cost?

I’m offering the Empowered Mama Experience for just $499 (valued at $748)

The Empowered Mama Collection is meant to tell your story.

Be sure you are okay with the following:

You will be interviewed by Esther after your photo session to find out your views and experiences being a mother. This may include video interviews.

Your interview, story and photos may be shared on my website, blog and social media.

Before and After makeover photos may be shared on my website and social media.

Spots are Limited

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Becoming a mother leaves no woman as it found her.  It unravels her and rebuilds her.  It cracks her open, takes her to her edges. It’s both beautiful and brutal; often at the same time.

Nikki McCahon


Why Mothers?

Mama, you are a force of nature. 

You are a divine portal for life, a creatrix.

Now is the time to trust & celebrate the innate wisdom, power and creative force that is your body. 

You are fierce and fortified in your protection.  Soft and supple in your nurturing. 

Every scar, every stretch mark, every experience etched into your body tells a story of resilience and love. 

You are creative, raw and powerful.

Nurturing all these beautiful and unrefined aspects… This experience is for you. 

Is this right for me?

The Empowered Mama Collection is a portrait experience for Mothers of all ages, in all seasons. 

If you have an infant and want to celebrate your body as you recover from childbirth, this is for you.

Maybe your baby isn’t in your arms and your body aches with a thousand kisses never given – Mama, this is especially for you.

If you are a busy mama managing tweens & teens and you need a day of pampering,  this is for you.

Nana, you have twice loved when your own babies had babies. This is for you.


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