Frelynn is an Insurance Agent with State Farm and is a natural in front of the camera! She requested her photos to be colorful, welcoming, and warm. She likes to keep her professional photos updated through life’s many changes.

During her consultation we discussed how she has a big heart to make a difference in her local community, specifically her home town of Ewa Beach. She wanted these headshots will be used to connect with her audience across her platforms.

Her photoshoot in the studio started with pampering hair and makeup with Racyne of Sasserella. Frelynn’s warm personalty and classy taste was clear in each shot.

Video interview & Scenes from the photoshoot

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I’m a portrait photographer located on the stunning island of Oahu in Hawaii. With over 10 years of experience, I’ve been capturing life’s moments through my camera lens. My real passion lies in encouraging people to chase their dreams and embrace their true purpose – a force that has the power to change our world one step at a time.