Haunani’s Motherhood Photoshoot | Empowered Mama Collection

Don’t be afraid to do things messy or not perfect. Do it anyway and just be playful.

- Haunani

Haunani is a wife, mother of 2 and the holistic health & life coach behind Haunani Holistics and the House of Dreams podcast. Her word of intention and inspiration coming into her empowered mama photoshoot was FREEDOM.

As you’ll see in her images, the light and energy she carries with her is so warm and radiant! During her shoot at my studio she embodied the joy of freedom with such confidence and flow. 

Keep reading to hear about her experience in front of the camera and some nuggets of motherhood wisdom from her own experience and in her own words.


Haunani’s Interview

What was this photoshoot experience like for you?
So magical. I felt so pampered. Everything was so intentional. I trusted the process and rolled with it and I appreciated the thoughtfulness that went into it in the beginning. The intentional questions in the interview, the journal prompts and the work around that was really really helpful.
I think if that step was missed it wouldn’t have been the same experience. It was great. I loved it so much.

What does being an empowered mama mean to you?
That’s such a loaded question.
Being an empowered mama just means to live your life to the fullest. Listen to your intuition. Follow your strengths. Be the light and guide for your beautiful children and the stars that are looking up to you. Don’t be afraid to do things messy or not perfect. Do it anyway and just be playful.
Another piece of it is to also embody the empowered strength that a woman is capable of holding. There’s so much I could say on that but I think that’s the biggest one.
Learning to love yourself and to love your body. Allowing creative evolvement to happen throughout your life. I think that just makes you shine brighter and brighter in the way you express yourself. And then of course you’re wanting your children to see that part of you and then that gives them the permission to do that too.

Biggest lessons of motherhood?
I’ve had many lessons from motherhood and here are a few.
-Self care is a priority and filling your cup first is so important for your wellbeing. Putting your self-care needs first is not selfish.
-Everything is just a phase and transition, nothing is permanent.
-My children love me unconditionally even when I feel like I haven’t been the best version of myself.
-Having a loving and healthy relationship with my partner creates a beautiful foundation for our family relationships and values. Date nights are a priority to keep our friendship, love and bond alive.
-Ask for support and don’t try to do it all alone.

One piece of advice that you would share with other moms?
Listen to your intuition and inner truth. It will always guide you to what is BEST for you and your family. Give yourself moments of silence and reflection to increase your intuitive connection. Surround yourself with other women and mamas that support growth, make you feel safe and are healthy for your nervous system.

Video interview & Scenes from the photoshoot

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