“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.”

— Robert Browning


At Captured Imagery, I have the privilege of sharing in our clients’ most treasured moments. Today, I’m excited to share the magic we created at Katie’s maternity photoshoot. Embracing the beauty of her 30-week pregnancy, Katie joined me for a photoshoot that radiated elegance, badass mama confidence, and the pure love she already holds for her baby girl.

The Personal Touch

Inspired by the transformative journey to motherhood, Katie chose our studio to capture her own unique story in this season. In her appreciation of all things Rihanna, for her first outfit she was draped in a chunky white duvet.  And for her second look we styled a navy bomber jacket, both looks complimented by glam and gold accessories. Katie’s photoshoot exuded epic fierceness, timeless charm and, more importantly, her loving radiance that filled up the space around her. It wasn’t just about the physical beauty; it was a celebration of her strength, love, and the anticipation of welcoming her little one.

Captured Imagery’s west Oahu portrait studio provided the perfect backdrop to immortalize this incredible journey. With a set that incorporated sumptuous textures and fashion inspired props together we brought Katie’s vision to life. And with every click of the camera, we witnessed her unwavering confidence and the purest form of a mother’s love as she cradled her baby bump. This maternity photoshoot epitomized the celebration of beauty, strength, and the boundless love that defines the path to motherhood.

At Captured Imagery, we are honored to capture these moments of joy, love, and empowerment. Whether it’s your journey to motherhood or any other significant life moment, we’re here to help you tell your story, one frame at a time.

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Video interview & Scenes from the photoshoot

Want to celebrate your own journey of self-discovery as a mother?  Join me for an intentional and meaningful photoshoot with the Empowered Mama Collection by clicking here

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