We started off the spooky season with Amanda’s Magical Branding Shoot. As an Intuitive Life and Business Coach, her brand The Illuminary Co is one of a kind and inspires others to increase income by showing up fully as themselves. She truly showed up with all her magic and uniqueness during our time spent together in the studio.

We did two different looks. Both represents her as a person and how she lights the path for others. Her ideas and looks alone are enough to make you intrigued with her work.

In her own words :

“Hi, I’m Amanda — an intuitive life, business and money coach.

I light the way for visionary female entrepreneurs to make lots of money by sharing their unique gifts with the world — which ultimately makes the world a better place for everyone.

My vision for this shoot was to fully capture and embody the essence of myself and my business.

I chose key words that I wanted to focus on – edgy, elegant, enchanted empress.

These words came to me after clarifying for myself who I really am deep down. My sun sign is Gemini — the twins — the juxtaposition of both light and dark — edgy and elegant — fully embodying BOTH in a world where we’ve been told we must be either or.

I also wanted to infuse a dreamy, mystical quality to the images as that aligns with my astrological midheaven in Pisces. That’s what people are looking for from me and my brand. Which is where the conceptual makeup, props and even fun shooting with prisms and iridescent filters came in.”

This shoot was so much fun and really showcases the importance of being true to yourself and showing up as just that. Thank you Amanda for lighting the way and being an inspiration to us all.

Video interview & Scenes from the photoshoot

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