Kitty Yannone - Captured Imagery's Empowerment Collection

She is a woman of great accomplishment and influence. Peace, wisdom and joy grace her presence. She is a beautiful representation of an empowered woman. This is Kitty Yannone.

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Kitty is the CEO of CommPac, Hawaii’s leading integrated communications company. As such, she and her team strive to provide their clients with incredible strategic and creative communication value through counsel. A risk taker from a young age she was intentional about creating a life she loved. Her path through life has been colorful, purposeful and yet not-so-predictable, and it has led her to her current position of success and influence. One of the things she found most impressive when she first started at the company as a junior account executive over two-decades ago, was the fact that in the consulting industry, age was regarded with increasing value and wisdom. Throughout all she’s experienced and accomplished she is still most proud of her two sons, who are outstanding young men, both now with families of their own.

She speaks of living in the moment, following joy, and being true to herself. As Kitty puts it, these things have fundamentally contributed to her empowered and influential path. And to other women who are on the path of designing a life they truly love, she has this to say: “Balance is a very personal thing. Free yourself from all the “shoulds” around you and give yourself the fluidity to appreciate sometimes even the small things that spell success and balance for you.”

Kitty inspires me greatly in the ways that could be hard to understand, for example she finds creative ways to have life bring her what she desires. She is not afraid to step outside of her comfort zone or the “expected path.” She doesn’t shy away from hard questions and she isn’t afraid of taking on controversial matters. Her combination of humor, peace, whit and wisdom was a refreshing reminder to me that age can indeed bring spice, influence and joy in a life that is purposeful and one that ultimately impacts our world in a powerful way.

Kitty is a delight in every way and will continue to inspire and empower many more through avenues yet to be seen.

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