Dr Tiffany Nguyen | Empowered Women Collection

“When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.”  Napoleon Hill 

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Pure desire is truly a strange thing.  It is often fueled by the dark contrast to everything that is good and beautiful and precious in life.  The dark shadow of hunger fuels the desire for satisfaction.  The deep pain of isolation feeds the intense yearning for light. The bondage of oppression creates a thirst for freedom.  The desire for success lies in having experienced lack.  

In the case of Dr. Tiffany Nguyen,  her story starts in the darkest of times.  Born in post-war Vietnam, her and her family suffered darkness and oppression for years before escaping when she was only six years old.  Living in a refugee camp in Hong Kong  for the next three years, life did not get easier.  In fact, to ensure that her and her family has sufficient food just to survive during this time, she would help her mother salvage discarded food from the kitchen garbage. She and her family were able to come to America when she was nine years old and as the oldest of 4 siblings her responsibilities were heavy as her parents threw themselves into making a living in this new country.  Not knowing any English and never having been in any classroom before, she was put into 4th grade. After that first year of learning everything as fast as she could she advanced to 5th grade and remained on the honor roll for the rest of her school years, and as a senior she graduated 4th in her class.

And now today she is a wife, a mother of four, a practicing chiropractic doctor for more then 12 years, and owner of her own nail salon. The one thing that speaks to me so much in the trajectory of her story is the incredible ambition and willingness to push outside of the limits and boundaries that life may have seemed to impose on her.  Her family could have chosen to remain in a oppressed land rather then risking all of their lives to pursue a better life.  As a young girl, she could have settled with being an underdog in her class rather then being the best.  As a graduate wanting to pursue her dream of becoming doctor she could have let her commitments to her parents and siblings discourage her from moving across the country to study for her degree.  As a mother she could have sacrificed her dream to give her kids her full attention and energy. 


Tiffany chose what she knew would feed her soul.  She chose the path where she knew she could make the difference she was called to.  She chose to trust her faith in God and the gifts He has given her. She chose to pursue her passion and her unique ability to bring care and healing to those she serves.  And even though no one would have expected or required her to live so ambitiously she knew that she could and she would. At her practice, Care Chiropractic, she is passionate about enabling her patients to pursue whole-body wellness from the inside out.  Her team at the nail salon, Tiffany's Nails, is all about servicing and pampering customers through nail art, waxing, lash and brow care. And in all areas of her life she told me that she takes pride in the fact that in all the things she pursues for her family or career it all comes from a place of love for what she does and true care for those she serves.  

Dr Tiffany's life is a beautiful example of desire being fueled by the contrast life brings.  I see her story and I'm inspired by the way she turned the difficulties and obstacles she encountered into stepping stones. With tears in her eyes she spoke of the gratitude she carries in her heart for the life she is now living.  And not only is she living a full and empowered life inwardly and outwardly, she also has a big desire to see other women tap into their own potential and strength. She has a goal of one day opening a non-profit outreach that teaches and equips women and families to overcome life's hurtles and push on to a full and fulfilling life.  

May you be inspired today to overcome to obstacles of your life and hold on the the fact that you are indeed the creator of your own reality.  You need never settle for the status quo and you can trust your own intuition and drive.  You can bring big changes in your own life and even in this world.  Pushing comfort zones, pursuing personal dreams, and fully embracing the powerful light within, is truly the mark of an empowered woman.  Embrace your power.  



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