Love the Woman You Are

IMG_1498 oahu-women-portrait-photographer.jpg

Your body is the house of the Divine and a shell for magic.  Your eyes are the window to the story you've lived and the stories you tell yourself.  You are full of the energy of the Universe.  Think about it, your entire being is pulsing and teaming with the very power that constitutes the entirety of our solar system. 

As you take a look in the mirror your archaic mind may tell you of all the ways you are not desirable.  It may be distracted or preoccupied with all the that's temporal and shallow, forgetting to see the beautiful soul that is continually emerging from a much deeper place.

Let me remind you, dear one, that you are more then the current story of your life.  You are the author and the main character. You are the mastermind and the actualizer.  Let me ask you today to pick up you pen, no longer ignore the desires and inspiration you have been carrying, and script your story.  Uncover the beauty and the pain. Allow yourself to feel every range of humanity and dance in the fire of your uncensored spirit.  Love the person you are and realize that the steps you take and the path of love you create need never be subservient to any others dictation.  You are the designer, creator, queen and goddess of your life.

Let me also say one more thing.... 'All LOVE becomes HELP.'  Your practice of true living, self love, and pure soul expression becomes the biggest power in this soul starved society; lifting, expanding and brightening the collective state of humanity.  

Honor, love, live from your heart.  You are powerful beyond measure and you are enough.