Kadence | Captured Imagery's Dance Project

Meet Kadence, this beautiful 12 year old ballet dancer.  The talent this girl possess was so evident at her shoot it was breathtaking!  Being able to celebrate and capture such loveliness is nothing but pure happiness for me!

The Interview:

How long have you been dancing?  About 6 or seven years.  I think I was six years old.  I started out at the Newton Dance Company and have been there ever since.

What got you into dancing?   My mom.  She brought home this brochure that she saw and asked if I wanted to sign up for it.  

Who do you most like to dance with?  I think the group we have at the studio.  I like to dance with them

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? For now dance is just a hobby for me.  In the future I'd like to have a career doing something with animals.

Do you do any other types of dance?  I also do jazz and lyrical.  

How many performances have you done so far?  I think I've done around 12 performances. I like performing.

Have you ever had a mishap at a performance?  I did, one time when I was a little bit younger. I was dancing and my hair piece fell out. 

How do you feel when you perform?  Happy and excited.

If you could be an animal which would you choose and why? Mmmmm, maybe a blue jay. I like the color blue plus they can fly.

What are three things do you always have in your dance bag? Shoes, extra pair of everything, deodorant.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?  Not taking things always in a negative way.  Choosing to see the positive in everything.