Katy & Samantha | Captured Imagery's Dance Project

Sisters, dancers, friends.... These two lovelies have been dancing for years and are extremely talented. They both started at Dance World Dance studio and are now a part of their Showstoppers team.  From learning the choreography to lessons with their friends to performances, it is obvious that these sisters love the art, creativity and beauty of ballet dance. I immensely enjoyed documenting such talent and celebrating their beauty in these gorgeous portraits.  



How long have you been dancing, Sammy? For 10 years. I started when I was 3 or 4 years old.

And what about you, Katy? Almost 14 years.  I started when I was 3

Katy, why do you like dancing and how does it inspire you?  I like dance because it's a way I can express myself and I love all the moves.  I also get to do it with my sister and my friends. That's really fun. 

Sammy, what got you into ballet dancing?  My mom signed me up for dance classes and I really liked it because it was a fun way to express myself and hang out with my fiends and have fun. 

Sammy, do you have a favorite dancer? Not really.  I appreciate anyone who can express themselves the way that they want to through dance.

Sammy, how much do you practice?  I practice a lot! I'll be at school and if I can't get up and do the choreography then I'll just sit there and run the moves through my head.  And I'll also do the moves with my fingers as I practice the steps in my thoughts. 

Where do you see yourself taking dance in the future, Sammy?  I might take it further in my life in the future but right now it's just a hobby. 

What about you Katy, where do you want to take dance in the future? Do you think you'll become professional? I don't know... I think I'll do dance and I'll probably have my kids do it to but I don't see myself becoming a professional dancer.  I want to be a teacher and teach elementary kids. 

Sammy, do you do other types of dance besides ballet? I do all types of dance.  I really like lyrical and jazz. 

Sammy, how do you feel when you perform? I like the strong adrenaline rush that I get when I'm backstage waiting for your turn to go. And then once I get out there I just do it. 

What's been the biggest mishap you've had at a performance? There was once that I spun so much that my glasses fell off my face! 

Katy, do you hope to inspire other's to dance? Yeah I think it's something that's really cool. I especially love the shows and performances. It's a lot of fun getting to share your talent with other people. It's a really good thing and I think everybody should do some type of dance. 

Katy, if someone told you they wanted to start dancing what would you tell them? I'd tell them to go for it and don't be scared of judgement. Be yourself because dance is a sport and an art and it's one of those great things that you're just gonna love. 

Sammy, what are some of the biggest challenges you've come across in dance?  Certain moves, like leaps and spinning that are a little more difficult. I had to get built up for it and push myself out of what's comfortable. 

What about you Katy, what have been some of your biggest challenges? Flexability!  When I was little I was not flexibly at all and I struggled a lot. But, it's been so nice to see through the years that my dance skills have developed and I've been able to learn new techniques. 

Katy, what has dance taught you? I think it's one of the everyone can do.  No matter your background or body type it's one of those things that everyone can master and overcome.  I know people say they can't dance but dance is very inclusive and everyone can do it even if they might have just a few lessons.

Sammy, what three items do you always have in your bag? Deodorant, water bottle, and tights.

What about you Katy? I always have extra shoes, hair brush and chap stick. 

Sammy, what is your idea of perfect happiness?  Being with people that make me feel completely accepted and I can be completely myself without worrying that they'll judge me. 

Katy, what is your key to success? Trying Hard.  You have to give effort 100% and believe in what you're doing. 

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