Captured Imagery Dance Project | Breanna

Captured Imagery's Dance Project is a result of my desire to feature local talent, provide value to dancers in the community, and also simply for my personal artistic gratification.  The beauty of dance has always fascinated and inspired me and I am delighted to create stunning imagery that celebrates it.  I am also super excited to be working with local makeup artist, hair stylists, and dress shop to provide full styling for all the talented young ladies I will be photographing. (scroll to the bottom for links)

The first in my dance portrait series, Breanna is the most confident, compassionate and spunky eleven-year-old I've ever met. From beginning to end her time in my studio was full of fun and energy.  She pulled out lots of her fun dance moves and I couldn't be happier with the result.  Here's a closer look into her beautiful young character...

How long have you been dancing? I started classes just over a year ago but I've always just been dancing.

Do you do other kinds of dance as well? I just take ballet lessons but at home I teach myself contemporary, hip-hop, and other types of dance. If I started lessons for any other type of dance it would certainly be hip-hop.

What got you into ballet dancing?  Misty Copland. She's a professional pointe dancer.  I was watching a bunch of her videos and a TV show about her and it just made me want to start dancing. She started dancing when she was thirteen, defied all the odds against her and is now one of the lead dancers of the American Ballet Theatre. I saw her in a magazine and I was just like, "Mom, I need to do pointe!" She's definitely my favorite dancer.

How many performances have you done so far?  I haven't done any yet but we're preparing.

What is your favorite part about dance?  The crazy dance moves and I love the music. 

Do you plan to do something with dance later in life, or is it just a hobby?  I like it as a hobby. I kinda want to be a doctor when I get older, a brain or heart surgeon.

How much do you practice? All the time.  Like, if I'm not at dance class I'm dancing around the house and down the stairs.  I've got my barre at the house to.  If I'm not dancing around the house or using my barre I'm usually out in the entry way with a hula-hoop just dancing with that.

What 3 items do you always have in your bag with you?  Deodorant, brush, and bun pins

If you could be an animal, what animal would you choose and why? A polar bear because they're so fluffy and snuggly. But... now that I think about it I'd like to be a unicorn and a polar bear.  A uni-bear!

IMG_8096 wm-honolulu-dance-photographer.jpg