A Beautiful Pamper/Photoshoot Day - Behind the Scenes

Janice is a young mother of two and was gifted a pampering glamour photo shoot by her husband.  Planning, designing, shopping... what fun it was getting ready for her shoot!  Here is a collage of photos from the 'behind the scenes' on the day of her photo shoot.  Hair and make up, delicious snacks, music and wonderful conversation all were part of the experience. 

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Then the fun started!  As a photographer, I count it a huge privilege to capture the strength and beauty of motherhood in my portraits.  As I look at these portraits of Janice, not only do I see a gorgeous woman, I also see a devoted wife and mother who took time to invest in herself and celebrate her strengths.  I see a portrait that will be simply priceless in the years to come.

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And what young mother doesn't also love a great portrait of the loves of her life? 

At the end of Janice's glamour shoot her husband brought in the two babies.  We got a great family portrait and a few beautiful couple photos. 

family portrait, babies, couple, couch, classy, portrait

Thank you Janice, for allowing me to capture these beautiful portraits of you and your sweet family.  It is my hope that they always remain as a testament to the love and relationships you share.