There’s something about being visible
that is terrifying
We live our life in pieces
Years of running from
Scrapes and bruises
That we feel announce to the world, “I am not worthy.”

But we long to be
Worthy of love
Because after all, value is assigned to beauty

That deep beauty we wish we emanated
At the end of our sixteen hour work day
It sways our confidence
And causes us to forget our strength
The transformative glow of our nurturing touch
The kindness in our voice that empowers others
When we tell them, “You are enough.”

We forget in all our own “stuff”
That we too are enough

But I see the goddess in you
(and you, dear one, remember her too)
The voice
The sound
The new light
That opened your eyes to love
To the moments
Fleeting minutes
And breathless imaginations
Capturing creations
In the light of life
In its darkness
In depth
And in priceless moments
Knowing that when we own it
Feeding our self
Our soul
Feeds our children and the memories they hold

See, as women we carry
The heavy weight of sand filling an hourglass
Grain after grain of
All that we love
And all that we dread
Until we find ourselves surrounded (and once in a great while, even a little lost)
Life become rote, routine

And we think ourselves the same
But the question we long to ask ourself is
“How will I be seen in this moment
when this moment has passed?”
So let me articulate
The intangible art and create
Images that invigorate
The indelible
That remind you to love

Stretch to the sun
As you’re rooted in waves of possibility
And opportunity for change
Yes, things will change
Giving us space to reframe
“Life happens”
Nothing is perfect (most of all ourselves)
But today,
In your beauty
In this moment
In the image that is yours
All things are possible
So love...let’s go explore.


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